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Commentaries on this Media!

Germany, Germany Above All "Such Terrible Scenes"

by Verena Kick

This section immediately follows the section "Good Times" and als corresponds to it as a sort of frame. Both the photograph and the text draw the reader's attention to the ostensible authenticity of photographs, reminding the reader to question what they see. As a frame for "Good Times" it particularly refers to its first photograph, an iconic image of the beginning of the German Republic, that was full or promises, yet the reader is tasked to question how these promises were fulfilled.

Germany, Germany Above All "Such Terrible Scenes"

Section immediately following "Good Times"

from Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber Alles (1929)
Creator: Kurt Tucholsky and John Heartfield
Distributor: Neuer Deutscher Verlag
Posted by Verena Kick