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Commentaries on this Media!

Deutsch Film Ist Chapter 1.2

by Verena Kick

"Film ist" is a multi-year project by Gustav Deutsch, assembled to show the phenomenology and the affordances of the medium of film. The first 6 chapters are devoted to the scientific laboratory as the first birth place of cinematography. In the first chapter, "Movement and Time," Deutsch juxtaposes scientific images (an x-ray of a throat and face from a side angle, a stop-motion sequence discus thrower, a slow-motion animation of projectiles hitting obstacles and walls, animals running) with sound (the x-rayed man explains the change of the movement rate of film, the sound of projectiles hitting their targets). In the end of this clip, however, the animations of projectiles hitting their targets in slow-motion is juxtaposed with animals that are known for their ability to sprint. In the very of this first chapter, Deutsch adds yet another twist and rewinds images we have seen before, thus showing how film can easily reverse movements and times.

Deutsch 1.2 Projectiles, animals and backwards

This is chapter 1.2 of Deutsch's experimental film "Film Ist"

from Film Ist (1998)
Creator: Gustav Deutsch
Posted by Verena Kick