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Commentaries on this Media!

Germany, Germany Above All (Tucholsky, Heartfield) Foreword Photo 1

by Verena Kick

This is the 2nd photograph used in Tucholsky/Heartfield's "Germany, Germany Above All". It is the first photograph in the 2nd preface. It is the only photograph that relates directly to the text. Tucholsky's text is referring to it as "the upper middle-class." He is using this photograph as an example to show that the men and women are types of a particular societal class, but they are also individuals, i.e. "Mr. A., B., C., D. with their ladies."

Germany, Germany Above All "Foreword" Photo 1

Tucholsky / Heartfield: "Germany, Germany Above All" (1929) - "Foreword" Photo 1

from Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber Alles (1929)
Creator: Kurt Tucholsky and John Heartfield
Distributor: Neuer Deutscher Verlag
Posted by Verena Kick