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Videographic Epigraph for The Stepford Wives

by Videographic Criticism

For this ‘videographic epigraph’ assignment, we asked participants first to select a favorite quotation from some critical text that could serve as an epigraph—possibly related to the media object they were working on, but not necessarily. The quotation could not be more than ten sentences long. Next, the participants were to select a continuous scene or sequence from their film object and alter it in some way—through slow motion, image manipulation, or some other visual or temporal effect. The source soundtrack was to be replaced or significantly altered via effects. The selected critical quotation was then to appear as text on screen in some dynamic interaction with the images in the scene.

A quote from Marshall McLuhan occasioned Allison de Fren’s reworking of a scene from The Stepford Wives in which one of the replacement robot wives suffers a technical glitch at a garden party. The use of stuttering image and sound evoke precisely the sense of human-as-machinery gone haywire that McLuhan finds so amusing.

Stepford Wives Videographic Epigraph

A Videographic Epigraph for The Stepford Wives

from The Stepford Wives (2015)
Creator: Allison de Fren
Posted by Videographic Criticism