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Commentaries on this Media!

PechaKucha of The Stepford Wives

by Videographic Criticism

A videographic PechaKucha adopts the strict timing from its oral cousin, while focusing its energies on transforming its source material. It consists of precisely 10 video clips from the original source, each lasting precisely 6 seconds, overlaid upon a one-minute segment of audio from the original source. There are no mandates for content, for ideas, for analysis—it is only a recipe to transform a film into a one-minute video derivation or deformance. The resulting videos are all quite different in approach and style despite their uniform length and rhythm.

This videographic PechaKucha was produced by Allison de Fren. It is particularly noteworthy in how audio and video interplay and sync up surprisingly.

Stepford Wives PechaKucha

A Videographic PechaKucha of The Stepford Wives

from The Stepford Wives (2015)
Creator: Allison de Fren
Posted by Videographic Criticism