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Commentaries on this Media!

Multiscreen Mahogany

by Videographic Criticism

Videographic work allows multiple sources to "talk to one another," so with this exercise, we asked participants to use a multi-screen process to construct a ‘response’ to one of the exercises produced by another member of the workshop. That is, they were to use their chosen film and integrate it with clips from one or more exercises produced by other participants.

Jaap Kooijman used multi-screen, but only by repeating the same shot from Mahogany five times across the frame. Nevertheless, he still brought his film into dialogue with another, laying lines of dialogue spoken by Anthony Perkins over a shot from Allison de Fren’s chosen film, The Stepford Wives, in a way that served as commentary on both movies.

Mahogany Multiscreen

Multiscreen Exercise of Mahogany

from Mahogany (2015)
Creator: Jaap Kooijman
Posted by Videographic Criticism