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Commentaries on this Media!

Alternative Trailer for Jauja

by Videographic Criticism

This assignment asked the participants to produce a sixty- to ninety-second ‘alternative’ trailer with the following constraints: the videos should use precisely three on-screen titles consisting of no more than five words each; and the videos should include at least three different transitions in addition to straight cuts. Further, each participant received one additional parameter from among these: all images must be of characters in motion; no close-ups of people, only objects; no shots using camera movement; shots can include no more than one person. The goal was to encourage the production of trailers which did not focus on story—which were not a narrative ‘preview’ of the film in question—but rather which highlighted other aspects of the film, such as its visual and aural patterns or its tone.

Nic Poppe’s trailer for Jauja (Lisandro Alonso, Argentina, 2014) offers a set of enigmatic image/sound moments whose action and significance were perplexing, mainly because they offered neither any indication of the film’s plot nor its dominant tone. Focused primarily on a young man and woman relaxing on a blanket in tall grass, the trailer offered shots of a young girl playing with a toy soldier and another of a man bedding down on a rocky hill, again with the toy soldier. Further, Poppe manipulated image speed in some cases and played some sound elements in reverse. Abandoning any attempt at objectivity, Poppe’s video felt like a trailer for his own highly subjective experience of the film.

Jauja Alternative Trailer

A Videographic Alternative Trailer for Jauja

from Jauja (2015)
Creator: Nic Poppe
Posted by Videographic Criticism