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Commentaries on this Media!

Tell a Story with Belle de Jour

by Videographic Criticism

This storytelling exercise asks participants to select a continuous video sequence from their media object (three-minute maximum, although they could manipulate the clip’s duration) and tell a story over it. What kind of story? That was up to them to decide. But as we all know, telling a story successfully demands attention to vocal delivery.

Tracy Cox-Stanton simply (but very effectively) recounted a dream she’d once had and laid it over a radically slowed down shot of Catherine Deneuve from Belle de jour (Luis Buñuel, France, 1967). Though the dream is recounted in the third person, it feels like an internal monologue—or if not, and the story is being told about Deneuve’s character, then who is speaking? Either way, the approach invites us to link sound and image, while at the same time suggestively blocking the full connection.

Belle de Jour Storytelling Voiceover

A Videographic Storytelling Exercise Using Belle de Jour

from Belle de Jour (2015)
Creator: Tracy Cox-Stanton
Posted by Videographic Criticism