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Commentaries on this Media!

No hay banda

by Veronica Paredes

In this scene from MULHOLLAND DRIVE, Betty and amnesiac Rita get closer to the truth of Rita's identity. While they do not arrive at any solid answers, the clues they do receive are terrifying. The coded message of the Club Silencio performance implies that the mission of discovering Rita's identity is itself a performance. Throughout the entire film, faces reappear and actors reprise, but in different roles. A subtle reappearance in this scene is actor Geno Silva. In this scene he plays the emcee, in an earlier scene with Adam Kesher he plays Cookie, the hotel manager. Just as Rita's waking from sleep in the middle of the night, speaking Spanish, Silva's introduction and the performance from La Llorona (a name Silva claims to have given the character) -- the presence of Spanish-language culture acts as a metonym for the story's deep, dark secrets.

Club Silencio

Leaving the domestic comforts of Aunt Ruth's apartment, Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) and amnesiac Rita (Laura Elena Herring) venture to downtown Los Angeles in search for answers. Finding their destination to be Club Silencio, the pair mysteriously comes upon a clue that neither was expecting.

from Mulholland Drive (2001)
Creator: David Lynch
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Posted by Veronica Paredes