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Commentaries on this Media!

From Million Dollar to Broadway

by Veronica Paredes

Diana (Diana Ferreti) gives the best audition of the day, landing a role in the director's next work. While details are vague about the nature of the performance or work, practice will start next week and the piece will be on Broadway. Which Broadway is unclear, but the preceding scenes situate the Million Dollar Theatre in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles. Driving there with a friend from UCLA, Jose Luis passes Capitol Records in Hollywood and the ABC Entertainment Center in Century Center, constructing an imagined entertainment geography with Million Dollar Theatre at the center.

Million Dollar performance in Yako

Diana Cantu (Diana Ferreti) performs at the Million Dollar Theatre in a successful audition. She is greeted by her husband Jose Luis/ Yako (Eduardo Yáñez) afterward.

from Yako, cazador de malditos (1986)
Creator: Rubén Galindo
Distributor: Baja Pictures Inc.
Posted by Veronica Paredes