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Commentaries on this Media!

Cancion Mixteca

by Veronica Paredes

In this scene cousins Lupe and Maria perform a celebratory song after having won a singing contest at the Million Dollar Theatre. Their prize is a trip to Mexico City. This will be their first trip to Mexico, despite being Mexican Americans. The song they sing is familiar immigrants who have made the reverse journey, from Mexico to the US. This group presumably was one of the key groups the film was made for, Mexicans living in the United States. Theater listings indicate that it played in various Broadway movie theaters. The lyrics of the song resonate deeply with the immigrant experience. "Que lejos estoy del suelo donde he nacido"/ "How far I am from the ground where I was born."

Cancion Mixteca

In this scene from MÉXICO DE MI CORAZÓN, the cousins Lupe and Maria (played by Lola Beltrán and Lucha Villa) perform "Canción Mixteca" at the Million Dollar Theatre in Los Angeles.

from México de mi corazón (1963)
Creator: Miguel M. Delgado
Distributor: Alterfilms
Posted by Veronica Paredes