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Commentaries on this Media!

South Broadway as backdrop for quirky romance

by Veronica Paredes

Similar to how it is used in the (500) Days of Summer, which was released two years later, South Broadway becomes an appropriate backdrop for this quirky blind date romance. Wilson (Scoot McNairy) and Vivian (Sara Simmonds) contemplate the twinning qualities of ambition and abandonment on this Downtown Los Angeles cityscape, projecting neglect and abandonment not only on the buildings, but also the people frequenting the street.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss Broadway stroll

On an eccentric first date, Wilson (Scott McNairy) and Vivian (Sara Simmonds) venture to South Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. Its neglected structures act as the perfect backdrop for their conversation, ignoring people used as background.

from In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)
Creator: Alex Holdridge
Distributor: IFC Films
Posted by Veronica Paredes