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Commentaries on this Media!

In Search with Broadway as background

by Veronica Paredes

As Wilson (Scoot McNairy) and Vivian (Sara Simmonds) continue their quirky first date, they walk northwest on 8th Street. Speaking loudly about Vivian's recent breakup and the possibility of sex at the end of their date, the audience is supposed to be focused on their developing relationship as the scene unfolds. What if instead the audience chose to focus on the background of Downtown Los Angeles?

Date on South Broadway

In this clip, Wilson and Vivian continue their date after visiting the interior of the Orpheum Theatre. Here they walk northwest on 8th Street from South Broadway toward Hill South Hill Street.

from In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)
Creator: Alex Holdridge
Distributor: IFC Films
Posted by Veronica Paredes