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Million Dollar in Blade Runner

by Veronica Paredes

In the precise and exact depiction of Los Angeles in 2019, the filmmakers of BLADE RUNNER seem to have left the marquee of the Million Dollar Theatre with the orchestra and band leader names that were playing at the theater during the time of shooting. If at least in its marquees, Broadway already fit into Ridley Scott's vision of the city's future in the early 1980s.

Million Dollar Theatre in Blade Runner

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Replicant Pris waits for J.F. Sebastian outside of his inventor's complex/ home, set in the historic Bradbury Building. Caught outside the famous building, the camera also captures the unmodified Million Dollar Theatre marquee advertising, "Los Mimilocos Mazacote y Orquesta."

from Blade Runner (1982)
Creator: Ridley Scott
Distributor: Warner Home Video
Posted by Veronica Paredes