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Commentaries on this Media!

Individual story from Zoot Suit Riots attack

by Veronica Paredes

In this clip, Arthur Arenas shares a story of the beginning of the Zoot Suit Riots attack. Arenas sits in a movie theater in Downtown Los Angeles when the movie is interrupted by sailors looking for zoot suiters (or just Mexican or Black Americans) to eject from the theater and beat. A story of witnessing is also shared from Gloria Rios Berlin of the surreal experience of watching as the violent events unfolded.

American Experience: Zoot Suit Riots clip

Clip from American Experience: Zoot Suit Riots focused on the riot's first scenes of violence, taking place in a Downtown Los Angeles movie theater.

from The American Experience: Zoot Suit Riots (2002)
Creator: Joseph Tovares
Distributor: WGBH
Posted by Veronica Paredes