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Riot Act

by thuvia ptarth

Content notes: Violence, suicide, self-harm

I felt very protective of Riley from the start, because I was convinced the audience would hate her (because she was an obstacle to a popular romance), and that John Connor would break her heart; and he did, too, if not in the way I expected. She is so brave (I go back and watch her facing off a terminator with John Connor on her hands and no weapons at all and I am amazed), and she may be the most alone of a really lonely bunch of characters, because no one is on her side at all. There is nobody in the world who puts Riley's well-being first--especially the people she cares about most.

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Riot Act

Sweetie, there is no out.

from Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Audio: Alina Simone (2009)
Creator: thuvia ptarth
Posted by thuvia ptarth