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Commentaries on this Media!

Breathing between the film and me: AIR (Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas, 2015)

by The Cine-Files

I watch the film AIR, closed-mouthed. I do not have a cold today, and my sinuses are clear so I let air in through my nose hitting the back of my throat and rushing down my trachea into my lungs where… I can’t feel the air any more. No nerves to tell me what the sensation of air is, how it touches the bronchioles within my lungs. A poet, Tami Haaland, wrote of this film: “How can you know your body, aside from air?” A frisson runs from the nape of my neck down my spine when I think of that phrase. And still, air fills me. Then it leaves in a short burst that would be a rush of bubbles if I were underwater, as I often prefer to be. A sigh.

Voice, embodiment and affect in AIR (Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas, 2015)

This short artist's film was the result of a collaborative project between two artists (Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas) and two sound poets (a.rawlings and Sachiko Murakami) and raises important questions about voice, breath and gender.

from AIR (2015)
Creator: Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas, with interpretations by a.rawlings and Sachiko Murakami
Distributor: Anna Cady,
Posted by The Cine-Files