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rain in The Bicycle Thieves

by The Cine-Files

Many of the qualities Zavattini idealized were evident in The Bicycle Thieves (1948). Rather than living in the plot, the movie lives in the scenic details of each unfolding scene. We watch the young Bruno gazing admirably at his father while they search for the stolen bicycle, and we experience the despair of Antonio as his most basic desires to feed his family and establish for them a life of simple pleasures are constantly thwarted. The contingencies of chance seem to organize the film, rather than any plotted script. For example, as the pair search for the bicycle, a rainstorm comes. Rather than cut (or eliminate the scene entirely), the film lets the rainstorm happen—we see Bruno and Antonio take shelter underneath an awning, accompanied by other interesting characters.

rain in Bicycle Thieves

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rain scene in The Bicycle Thieves, demonstrating the "echoes and reverberations" of remaining in a scene, as discussed by Cesare Zavattini

from The Bicycle Thieves (1948)
Creator: Vittorio DeSica
Distributor: Arrow Films DVD
Posted by The Cine-Files