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cinema and sculpture: excerpt from Moholy-Nagy's Lichtspiel

by The Cine-Files

Moholy-Nagy’s Bauhaus experiment Lichtspiel (1930) animates his object Light Prop for an Electric Stage (Light-Space Modulator) in a play of light. The film applies cinematic elements to a previous art form (sculpture),challenging commonplace notions of what a film can be.

Lichtspiel: cinema and sculpture

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Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau (Light-Play: Black-White-Gray), 1930; avant-garde film, 16mm, by László Moholy-Nagy

from Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau (Light-Play: Black-White-Gray) (1930)
Creator: László Moholy-Nagy
Distributor: Moholy-Nagy Foundation
Posted by The Cine-Files