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Suburbia Secrets: Teen Drug Use Revealed

by Ethan Thompson

[commentary by Hamilton Way]

This clip is a summation of many of its points by its chief writer and reporter, and an ultimate indictment of many of the communities surrounding the issue of teen drug use in suburbia America for their lack of effort in locating and resolving the rampant problem. In his report, Lord lambasts politicians specifically for their lack of funding to drug research and rehabilitation programs, and parents specifically for their ignorance of what their children are doing under their noses. This report is significant for its overarching view of drug abusers as people who are diseased and should not be considered fully functioning member of society. This report perpetuates the stigma of drug users as victims and upper-class citizens to save them from their terrible habit. The clip as a whole sheds a lot of light on the portrayal of drug use and drug abusers in the media, and how this pertained to the overall view on drugs from the general population. It is significant for its view of the situation from the perspective of a man who is outside of it, rather than the perspective of people actually involved in drugs.

Suburbia Secrets: Teen Drug Use Revealed

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Interview with a 17 year old heroin user.

from Heroin in the Suburbs: The Strong Out Generation (1969)
Creator: WWJ, Detroit
Distributor: Peabody Archive
Posted by Ethan Thompson