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Commentaries on this Media!

Nostalgia in 1999

by Ethan Thompson

[commentary by Rebecca Scott]

In the clip we see what America thought cars were going to look like in the future.The most interesting part about the documentary was the people being interviewed were not history experts. They were authors, actors, and even a monologist -- basically just people who spoke well who the viewers might be interested in watching. Also there was also a comic book artist too.

The reason that actors and authors were chosen is because the documentary focused on the pop culture of how we thought the future would be. When Phyllis Diller exclaims, “Highways and freeways and arteries going up and over and under and across and ha la la! I thought it was wonderful, because when I was a child there weren't even paved roads. They were gravel.” she describes the highways of the future as they are illustrated on the screen. There not any lower fonts describing where the clips come from and it seems to blend so well that it is almost coming from her own thoughts of the future. Many of the footage clips are used in this way.

The cars were pretty extreme looking, some of which going through tubes, some were attached and separated as the man of the house would go to work and the mother and son would go to the store. The documentary focuses on a nostalgic future, interviewing people to speak from a future of the past with little criticism for the new millennium.

Nostalgia in 1999

Pop culture experts examine the future of the past.

from Barry Levinson on Future in the 20th Century (1999)
Creator: Showtime
Distributor: Peabody Archive
Posted by Ethan Thompson