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LSD Usage in 1960s

by Ethan Thompson

[commentary by Andrew Alverson] This clip illustrates the uncertainty that science had with the drug LSD during this time. Scientists claimed it to be an ‘enigma’. The documentary captures this uncertainty as very dangerous. Throughout the documentary, many issues are examined of how acid could to be dangerous to its user. For the most part, this documentary does not express any favor towards the drug. But in some instances, there are claims by its users and scientists of how it can beneficial to its users. In this particular clip, the documentary is painting the dangers of this drug by portraying the usage of it as not only harmful, but also a drug that has many undesirable consequences. What brings meaning to this clip is how a drug like this was viewed during this time. During the 1960’s, LSD was not only a legalized, psychedelic drug but it was also widely and heavily used amongst American adults and teens. This documentary establishing the questions of how it could affect its users was very unfamiliar to the American public. The audience and the documentary share uncertainty over this issue and how it is affecting people.

LSD Usage in 1960s

Scientists evaluate the uncertainties behind the usage of LSD.

from LSD: The Trip to Where? (1968)
Creator: WABC
Distributor: Peabody Archive
Posted by Ethan Thompson