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Commentaries on this Media!

Seeking Justice

by Sasha Welland

After her son is expelled from his school because of her profession, she vows to take him away to somewhere they can start anew. She pulls a brick from the wall where she has been hiding money from Zhang, the bully who extorts a cut of her earnings, and discovers he has found and stolen it. She rushes from their room to find him. Superimposed shots of the nighttime streets of Shanghai create a collage of motion and are intercut with a shot of her striding with conviction toward her revenge. Compared with earlier scenes of her standing on the street, fleeing from the police, or smiling at the audience as superimposed over the night lights of the city, in this scene the protagonist assumes a new agency in her movement through the streets as she seeks justice.

The Goddess – Walking City Streets

When the unnamed protagonist of the film, a prostitute and single mother, discovers that the extortionist Zhang has stolen her hidden stash of money, she walks a nighttime cityscape of Shanghai in search of vengeance.

from The Goddess (神女) (1934)
Creator: Wu Yonggang
Distributor: Hong Kong University Press
Posted by Sasha Welland