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Commentaries on this Media!

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The film Love Slaves (1976) the film targets the subjectivity of women in the hands of men as well as the different sexual representations of women. It follows detective Steve Blake (played by John Leslie) as he tries to uncover the recent disappearance of young women throughout San Francisco. The villain is Dr. Paul Severin as he uses women for drug trafficking and sexual pleasure. Dr. Severin kidnaps, drugs, and hypnotizes young women into becoming assassins and sex slaves. Soon detective Steve Blake’s sister, Karen Blake (played by Tanya Shea), gets captured. Karen is hypnotized into having lesbian sex and later sent to kill her brother. Of the rest of the women seen held captive, there is one African American woman (played by Desiree West) that stands out from the rest and referred to as their “star pupil”. The point of interest with her is when she performs an interracial sex scene with a white mannequin and then with two white men. The rest of the film follows detective Steve’s mission to end Dr. Severin and his minions.

In this scene, one of the captured hypnotized women is ordered to lie on the bed. Dr. Severin narrates what will happen to her as one of his minions does the enactment. She lies motionless at times and moans a few times. She is completely submissive to the man, not enticing him or prompting him.

White Woman Love Slaves

White Woman Sex Slave

from Love Slaves (1976)
Creator: Bob Chinn
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez