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Commentaries on this Media!

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The film Love Slaves (1976) the film targets the subjectivity of women in the hands of men as well as the different sexual representations of women. It follows detective Steve Blake (played by John Leslie) as he tries to uncover the recent disappearance of young women throughout San Francisco. The villain is Dr. Paul Severin as he uses women for drug trafficking and sexual pleasure. Dr. Severin kidnaps, drugs, and hypnotizes young women into becoming assassins and sex slaves. Soon detective Steve Blake’s sister, Karen Blake (played by Tanya Shea), gets captured. Karen is hypnotized into having lesbian sex and later sent to kill her brother. Of the rest of the women seen held captive, there is one African American woman (played by Desiree West) that stands out from the rest and referred to as their “star pupil”. The point of interest with her is when she performs an interracial sex scene with a white mannequin and then with two white men. The rest of the film follows detective Steve’s mission to end Dr. Severin and his minions.

In this scene, the men approach their “star pupil”, the only non-white woman in the film. Dr. Severin walks into the room and explains, “this is our star pupil… developing nicely not only as an assassin, but as a remarkable sex object.” He turns to her saying, “You are going to something you like very much. Your lover is here and wants you.” He leads her to a white naked mannequin. She undresses and starts kissing it. Severin narrates, “Now you will show him how much you love him, how much you love his big cock.” She gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick. Severin continues, “Suck it. Take that big cock and put it in your mouth and suck it. That’s right take it all in. Suck it good. That’s it.” She continues. Then he says, “Now stop. You don’t want that big cock to cum all over your face just yet. No you want to feel it in your pussy first. Yes you’re hot for him. Your pussy is burning for your lover. You want to feel his great big cock penetrate you and fill your cunt with cum.” She then gets on top of him, puts his dick inside of her, and proceeds. After watching, one of the men comes up to her and fucks her from the back. In between her loud moans she says, “Come on fucker, come on.” She continuously repeats, “Fuck me, oh fuck me.” And then “Harder, harder… stick it in my ass. Harder. Oh fuck.” Another of the men joins in and stands in front of her as she sucks his dick. The scene ends with the money shot onto her breast.

In the major sex scene featuring Desiree West, the “star pupil” is shown as an ambitiously sexualized character through the use of her dialogue, as well as the dialogue Dr. Severin directs towards her. In all the other sex scenes the hypnotized women were lifeless and did not speak unless prompted. While the other women were moaning from pleasure, they never initiated conversation. Desiree West’s character was constantly tempting and ordering the man to fuck her and fuck her harder. Dr. Severin also uses highly eroticized words and phrases such as “suck it”, “cum all over your face”, “pussy”, and “cunt”. The purpose of this is meant to excite the spectator and play into the hypersexuality seen in black women. Not only does it provide the visual act of sex, the film also provides the auditory aspect of pleasure, making this scene the standout sex scene. Historically segregation has kept blacks and whites separated and miscegenation was considered a dangerous taboo. However, the excitement brought by the perversity of interracial sex lead to a fetishization of black women in the eyes of white men. The representation of women of color in porn plays out into the many fantasies that exist and how those may be manifested into real life situations. This includes stereotypes and microaggressions evident towards women of color. In the film Love Slaves, this fetishization is still apparent and played out in Desiree West’s sex scene.

The Star Pupil

Black Women: Sexualized Objects for White Male Pleasure

from Love Slaves (1976)
Creator: Bob Chinn
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez