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Commentaries on this Media!

The Japanese Wife Next Door

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The Japanese Wife Next Door follows the story of Takashi Ichinose, a lonely man, is in search for love. He attends a mixer with his co-workers and falls in love with two women. Conflicted between both women, Takashi helps Sakura to the bathroom after showing symptoms of Alcohol poisoning. On the way to the bathroom Sakura reveals that she was faking and confesses her love to Takashi and the two proceed to have sexual intercourse. After a couple of months, the two get married, and Takashi discovers about her crazy sex drive. Unable to satisfy her sexual fantasies and desires, Sakura has sex with Takashi’s entire family. The scene that I will be focusing on is the sex scene between Sakura and Takashi’s sister, Yayoi. Although it is stated throughout the film that Yayoi is not Lesbian or Bisexual, Sakura pursues sexual intercourse with her. Sakura continuously describes about her goals and desires, in which she wants to feel a connection with the family. The scene stood out to me since it incorporates the LGBTQIA+ community and the sister is shown to be in denial of her sexuality. There is also some interesting camera work happening during the scene. There are no close ups during the scene, only medium shots and there is more detail given on scenery compared to previous sex scenes in which there were more close ups on Sakura’s expression and her boobs. The scene is important because although the scene does not last long, nor is it highlighted as an important scene in the film, the image of both girls is used as a poster to promote the film. I wanted to include this scene because I wanted to analyze the male gaze and how the image of girls having sex is used to bring in spectators. The film demonstrated the influence that America has on other countries, as Sakura is described to be a person who is highly influenced by America.

The Japanese Wife Next Door

Sakura is confronted by Takashi’s sister, Yayoi, about her incident with Grandpa. Sakura joyfully explains about the positive aspects of sex. Sakura kisses Yayoi, and Yayoi expresses she is not lesbian, but gives into sex.

from The Japanese Wife Next Door (2004)
Creator: Yutaka Ikejima
Distributor:, Digital media rights, Shintoho company, Inter film
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez