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Commentaries on this Media!

The Bi Apple

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The film, The Bi Apple, deals with feminist issues such as power dynamics, challenging history and religion. In the last scene, Antonio Rodickuez, a latino male, puts down a book that reads The History of Sexuality and leads Simone Valentino, the black female protagonist, into another room where a new and naked white guy, Josh, is awaiting. Its a standard apartment bedroom with a painting of The Last Supper hung on the back wall. Josh teaches Simone how to fuck Antonio with a strapon. Antonio sucks Josh’s dick while Simone is fucking him in the ass. After this, Josh puts on a condom and Simone gets on top of him. They start to fuck, but the camera mainly focuses on Simone as she climaxes before Josh does. Sex between Josh and Simone stop and the scene cuts to them laying in bed. Josh is stroking his penis while Simone strokes Antonio’s penis. Josh cums on Simone’s breast and the scene ends with the three high fiving each other.
This film represents the history of sexuality, based on Michel Foucault’s book The History of Sexuality. It shows how sexuality throughout history is not static like most people thought back in the day. Sexuality, in modern society, has become more fluid and progressive represented by the interracial, bisexual and gay sex that the three are having in the scene. This particular scene is important in challenging history is because sexuality in the past was always repressed. Homosexuals, bisexuals and interracial couples were frowned upon and not accepted in society. This scene represents the forward progression in societal thinking and acceptance of all identities and couples.
Not only does this scene challenge the rigid thoughts about sexuality in the past, but this scene also challenges the religious control represented by the painting of The Last Supper on the wall of the room. In the past and even now, religion and religious rule is far reaching. Not many put the time in to study sexuality in the past, so many people listened to the Church and what the Church dictated with anything that pertained to sex and desires. The Church used to control many aspects of people's’ lives including the sexuality and desire. This scene challenges the ideas that homosexuality and sex without the intent of procreation are bad. This scene shows the sexuality of people who enjoy sex for what it. The condoms that they use and when Simone fucks Antonio in the ass with a strapon directly challenges the ides of sex without the intent of procreation. The condoms are used for the safety of the participants in this scene. By having this scene laid out right in front of the painting, and with Michel Foucault’s book, it is as if Rays is saying we are normal people who cannot be oppressed by society or religion. As a whole, this film and this scene teaches us that sexuality is forever changing and will never be a static notion that can be oppressed or shackled by any societal thoughts or religion.

By Anthony Tam

The Bi Apple

Antonio leads Simone into a room where a third guy, Josh, is awaiting them. They have interracial, gay and bisexual sex.

from The Bi Apple (2007)
Creator: Audacia Ray
Distributor: Adam & Eve Productions
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez