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by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The movie title Jacquette, pronounced “jock-ette”, which refers to females who are sporty or “jock” like. The movie opens with some scenes of the New York streets and then cuts to a conversation in a boxing gym between Jim (Lincoln Walker), who is a famous boxer, and Spencer (Barry Christian) asking for advice. He is interested in Jacquette (Barbara Carson) but she is only interested in athletes. The rest of the movie follows Jacquette’s and her athletic partners. Bob (Roger Caine), her baseball coach and one of her current sexual partners, is also hooking up with Ruby (Bonnie Gentry) who is Jacquette’s African American teammate. In hopes of getting with Jacquette, Spencer decides to visit an hypnotist Madam X (Vanessa del Rio), she tells him she is aware of his problems and proceeds to hypnotize him using a glass ball. Madam X uses the hypnotherapy not only to increase Spencer’s confidence but also for her own personal pleasure. The story lines of sex between Jacquette and Bob, Bob and Ruby, Jim and Jacquette and overlap and jump back and forth; eventually ending with Spencer hypnotizing Jacquette and Ruby to partake in a three way. At the end of the film, Spencer attempts to snap them out of it by fails. The camera comically zooms in on his face as the women are still grinding and sucking on his body.

This scene, the first interracial sex scene, occurs after a Jacquette performs fellatio on Bob (both white). This scene, between Madam X (Vanessa del Rio) and Spencer seems to be entirely about Spencer trying to figure out how to seduce Jacquette. It opens with a wide shot of the building with a sign reading “The American Institute of Hypnosis American Institute INC.” located above the “budget furniture rental. This creates a setting that appears to be in a poor part of town. As Spencer opens the door, the camera cuts to a close up of del Rio who is wearing all black and petting a black cat. She has a black turban on her head and low-cut shirt. This creates a mysterious and witch- like image of Madam X. Spencer begins to explain his situation to del Rio who is listening with her legs crossed in black high heels. She remains silent until Spencer says “I’m just not the athletic type or something, I don’t know… you probably can’t help me either.” As spencer gets up to leave, del Rio creates another flash of fire and says, “Sit down spencer Christian, I’m aware of your problems” in a soft voice. Again, Madam X asserts her dominance over Christian. The camera moves from the wide shot of the two of them to a handheld shot following Madam X from behind as she picks up the glass ball from the table as an eerie music begins to play in the background. She hypnotizes him to believe he is “superman, the world’s most powerful man”. Although is seems the power has shifted with Spencer portrayed as Superman, Madam X maintains her authority through her erotic sovereignty and the many pleasing positions she compels Spencer to partake in.

Although Madam X’s first sexual position is fellation, she uses sonic stunting by moaning to ‘get in’ on this situation; she shows that she is experiencing pleasure. Even though at one point Spencer commands Madam X to “respect your superman and suck my balls of steel”, she continues to perform fellatio with only an occasional tongue caress of his balls. This resistance to Spencer’s demands reminds the audience that she still has control of the situation.

In a close up of Spencer’s penis in Madam X’s buttocks as she says “oooh, Madam X loves it in her ass”; which she repeats several times throughout the scene. This reinforces the power she has to experience pleasure in this scene. Rather than see Spencer fucking Madam X, her sonic stunting and facial expressions portray spencer as the object of Madam X’s pleasure, not the other way around.
The final minutes of this interracial sex scene begin with a close up of Madam X performing fellatio and moaning loudly. She then moves on top of him and begins to slowly ride him as he kisses her breasts. Madam X is directing the changes of position and even gives him a “post hypnotic suggestion”. She commands, “when I snap my fingers you will be powerful with women from now on”. When you hear the snap of her fingers, the camera cuts to an extreme close up of Spencer’s penis ejaculating on her buttocks. The camera then moves to her face as Spencer says, “Superman came”.
This scene is significant because it shows how Madam X’s uses productive perversity to shift the power complex. She uses the stereotypical, hypersexual, mystic image of Latina women to showcase her erotic sovereignty and superiority. Madam X makes Spencer ‘come’ at the snap of her fingers, completing her task of “Rehabilitates” Spencer and giving him the confidence to seduce a white woman. One important thing to note is the racial ambiguity of the Madam X character. In many other movies, Vanessa del Rio is very obviously Latina (through misc-en-scene like latino costumes or an accent). But here, she has no accent and it shot in very dim lighting, painting her as a Afro than Latina. It is important to think about the connection between the ‘voodoo’ and ‘witch- doctor’ stereotypes of black women (especially in the 70s) and the way Vanessa del Rio is portrayed in the role. It is also important to consider the structure of the scenes in the movie, many storylines overlapping and interrupting each other. This scene specifically is interrupted by Jacquette and Bob having sex on the bathroom floor, Ruby and Bob performing oral sex followed by Jacquette and Jim, and again by Ruby and Bob. The order of these scenes only had interracial sex scenes following or interrupting each other. Does the director want to highlight the difference between the interracial sex scenes, or perhaps group them together as a way of downplaying individuality?

Madam X and Superman

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The movie title Jacquette, pronounced “jock-ette”, which refers to females who are sporty or “jock” like. The movie opens follows the non- athletic Spencer and his quest to seduce Jacquette, who is only interested in athletes.

from Jacquette (1976)
Creator: A Mr. Mustard Production - directed by Richard Mailer
Distributor: Interracial Sex, Latina
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez