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Commentaries on this Media!

Dyking Amateur Lesbian Pornography

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

Alex tries to touch Amelia’s breasts, but Amelia smiles cheekily, looking into Alex’s eyes and linking her fingers around Alex’s. Amelia pins Alex’s hands onto the bed. Shortly, the scene fades and the two of them reappear in the same position, but with Amelia applying lubrication to her strap-on and checking to see how wet Alex is. Amelia smiles at Alex, giggles, inserts the dildo, and begins to slowly thrust in the missionary position. Alex immediately begins dirty talking and moaning her pleasure, holding Amelia’s face in her hands. After more kissing and fucking, Amelia bites Alex’s lower lip, starts fucking Alex with quicker thrusts and chokes Alex, while Alex rests her hands on Amelia’s waist. Amelia then pins Alex’s hands onto the bed, before letting go and continuing to fuck Alex. Then, Amelia roughly fucks Alex while playing with Alex’s breasts, biting her nipple and pulling it with her teeth. At this point, Alex’s head is almost off the edge of the bed from being fucked so vigorously, and she moans loudly in different registers the entire time and giggles while holding Amelia’s waist. Amelia leans down to kiss Alex, the two smile at each other, then Amelia slaps Alex’s cheek and chokes her once more. Amelia roughly grabs and slaps Alex’s breast. All the while, Alex is moaning in different keys and yells “oh, fuck!”, looking at Amelia’s body and in her eyes, smiling and grabbing Amelia’s butt, hips, and back. Amelia grunts and pulls out as Alex’s breathing gets shallow, then looks at and touches Alex’s pussy before slapping her ass some more and kissing her foot.

This amateur dyke porn is not afraid to appropriate sex acts considered part of mainstream heterosexual and gay male pornography, such as rough sex, penetration, and dirty talk, while demonstrating what safe sex looks like with a partner, such as Amelia checking to make sure Alex is wet enough for penetration and showing audience members that she is applying lubrication to her strap before slowly penetrating Alex. Alex moans and dirty talks with Amelia for the entirety of the scene while Amelia roughly fucks, chokes, and slaps Alex’s face and breasts. Although these actions can be classified as “rough” and include elements typically found in BDSM and mainstream pornography, there is no acting or scripts in these videos where consenting performers pretend to be “roughed up”. Shycloudfractals chooses to leave out “BDSM” and “hardcore” in the tags on their video. Instead, they included “lesbians”, “strap-on”, “riding”, “short hair”, “kissing” ( and only include “rough” in their video, categorizing their video under “amateur”, “babe”, “lesbian”, “toys”, and “popular with women” ( Although the point of view never changes, there are no meatshots or moneyshots, and genitals are not the focus of the video. In fact, Amelia’s genitals are never shown, and Alex’s are shown for around two minutes of the roughly 11:30 video. In addition, Alex and Amelia never once look at the camera and the camera angle never changes from the ¾ shot it was originally filmed at, despite a small transition edit from foreplay to penetration. This shows that this video was not shot with the intention of the white heterosexual male gaze that places emphasis on camera angles and close ups at the expense of a comfortable and pleasurable sex act; instead, the video was about Alex’s pleasure, and how Amelia was getting off on giving Alex’s body and mind pleasure with a toy and her skills, and the agency of lesbians fucking with a dependable and controllable strap on. Frequently throughout the video, Alex and Amelia intensely gaze into each others’ eyes, smile at each other, giggle at small hiccups within their sex with each other, passionately make out, and hold each other’s bodies. This is vastly different from mainstream “lesbian” pornography, where heterosexual porn stars perform with other straight women, acting and depicting what they and the directors assume to be “lesbian” sex.

Fantastic Frankfurt Fuck

Alex and Amelia take a trip to Frankfurt, where Amelia, an Asian femme lesbian, fucks her girlfriend, Alex, a white masculine presenting lesbian with a strap on.

from Fantastic Frankfurt Fuck (2018)
Creator: Shycloudfractals
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez