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Commentaries on this Media!

The Weight Of Infidelity

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The film, The Weight Of Infidelity begins with a married couple, John and Angie having sex in their kitchen. Throughout the intercourse we are able to see the power structure between the couple. In the next scene, John is seen acting completely different with Angie. John is seen sitting on his couch and looking outside his window as if he is waiting for someone to come home. We then see a glimpse of a texting conversation between him and an anonymous person who has said. For the first time throughout the film, John is seen smiling as he sends a text asking whether this mysterious person has brought cupcakes. Happy that this person has brought the cupcakes he invites the mysterious person in. In comes a voluptuous woman with greater curves than Angie, a woman opposite of what John was earlier wanting Angie to be. As Karen walks in, she hands the cupcakes to John and tells him that she had one in the car and they immediately begin kiss. John begins to compliment her on her beauty as he escorts her up to his bedroom. As soon as they go up we see Angie come home. She enters greeting her husband however hearing another woman with John. We hear a little of John and Karen’s conversation as he is flattering her over her weight and curves. Karen tells John that he is the reason for her size as he continues to feed her cupcakes. The audience can then immediately see the disappointment in Angie’s face as she hears Karen and John tell each other they love each other. As Angie walks up the audio becomes louder and John is heard telling Angie, “Oh I love grabbing that fucking stomach.” The bed is heard squeaking as we see Angie peaking into the room crying while Karen asks John for a cupcake. John continues to admire and flatter Karen for “Fucking, big beautiful pussy.” By Emily Carillo

Did You Bring The Cupcakes?

Fat Feminist Porn Video made in 2018

from The Weight of Infidelity (2018)
Creator: Director: Bree Mills/Writer: Angela White
Distributor: Pure Taboo
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez