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Commentaries on this Media!

Tennis to Play: Daisy and Nina within Latinas Play Their Trump Cards

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

This scene is from the film, Latinas Play Their Trump Cards. There are six chapters and this clip is chapter five. This scene is the only portrayal of non-hetero and non-interracial sex within the film. The women orally satisfy each other and participate in self-pleasure throughout the clip, leading to the climaxes of the pair.
Nina’s acts of autonomy are to give herself distinction in a performance where she plays the “bottom” and submissive partner to the main focus: Marie. Nina performs the most oral and is often clipped out of the shot more than Marie; Daisy Marie is also the star of the whole film and featured on the cover. In the final sex scene, they are in a sixty-nine position and Nina’s ass is up. Marie pounds Nina with her fingers. The emphasis of the hard penetration of fingers here draws the correlation to the male “sex tool”: the penis. Nina’s ass ripples in response and it is because of the act of penetration, that she orgasms. The camera cuts to Nina’s face; one of the only clear moments where her pleasure is the focus. Nina takes her autonomy through her Spanish marker; versus the Americanization of Marie’s character. In her climax, she speaks only in Spanish. This is purposeful to emphasize her pleasure (as in it was so pleasurable she resorted back to her native language),but is also her taking control of the scene and her heritage. She says“Aye, si Mami” and then screams “Aye! Si! Si! Si! Si!”. The utilization of Spanish is Nina taking a racialized sexual act to assert a complexity to her passive character. It gives Nina her own dimension and added power and complexity within that position, despite being “secondary”.
Marie’s act of autonomy is expressed through facial stunting and direct looks at the camera—taking control of a scene and acts despite the script. Throughout the chapter, Marie makes pointed looks at the camera. She has at least three pointed looks at the camera throughout the clip. One such moment is when she glances upward with a look of dominance while licking her own boob. Nina’s head is seen between her legs at the bottom of the screen and the roof and branches of the tree are captured above Maria. The camera is at a profile angle and slightly low to capture the environment and Nina’s hanging discarded shirt from one of the branches. Marie looks away and speaks again to Nina saying, “You lick my pussy so fucking good”. Additionally, when they kiss, their eyes are still open. All these looks, and facial stunting are relevant as they add to Marie’s character and her control within the chapter. Additionally, they serve as greater importance to female Latina power when understanding the importance of hearing a male voice in this femme scene. This is the only chapter a non-viewed man is heard, and it may also be because this is the only chapter where a man is not actively involved in getting off. He is heard directing the performance when Nina first goes ass up and then again at the end of the clip. The first time his words aren’t clear, but the second time he says “put them close together” as the shot zooms in into an extreme close up of their nipples rubbing against each other’s. This man is directing both Marie and Nina how to properly have lesbian sex and where to arrange their bodies to make the viewing more pleasurable for the white male audience. Marie’s direct glances into the camera show her defiance and her ownership and dominance of performing the way she wants to even while a man is trying to tell her how to perform. Nina’s speech also emphasizes this point of performing, climaxing, and enjoying the way she wants to. Finding ways to be in control of what they are doing within the film despite how the man directing them is trying to make it look. They both express control and autonomy in addition to finding pleasure and orgasming—the only women in the film to do so.
This scene is important, not just in studying this film, but also other lesbian Latina performances within the “hetero-donut”. The ways in which the women take control and add complexity to their characters demonstrates how they are able to find enjoyment and pleasure, not just for the enjoyment of viewing for white male spectators. Even though this scene acts as a “warmup” and is still created and directed for viewing pleasures of men, the women both climax and both exercise their own pleasure in self-play and the portrayal of their characters; embracing racialized fantasies and the performance of sex acts. We learn and watch what Vanessa del Rio spoke of, and that’s women of coloring taking autonomy and enjoyment in the adult entertainment industry; not just the dominant narratives of victimization and abuse.

Chapter Five: Daisy Marie and Nina Mercedez

Two women play tennis and the mood turns sexual; leading to a lesbian sexual performance outdoors on a club bench.

from Latinas Play Their Trump Cards (2015)
Creator: Hustler Video Production
Distributor: Hustler
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez