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Commentaries on this Media!

Capital Punishment

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

This scene, the second in Diana DeVoe’s Capital Punishment (2004) begins with the two blonde women, Kayla Marie and Heather Pink, making out and licking each other’s pussies. As their interaction heats up, Kayla grabs a glass dildo and places it in Heather’s ass. Heather is laying down and enjoying Kayla’s work with the dildo, but Kayla isn’t getting as much attention. Enter Mr. Marcus, leading with his long black dick, naked except for the hat hiding most of his face. Kayla starts to give him head, and soon, both of the blonde’s are sucking Mr. Marcus’s dick. Next, Heather straddles Kayla as Mr. Marcus fucks her from behind. Mr. Marcus proceeds to penetrate both women anally, and Kayla puts on a black strap-on for a bit as both black dicks penetrate Heather. The video ends with DeVoe’s moneyshot, Mr. Marcus cumming on Heather’s and Kayla’s faces.
This film merits special attention because of Diana Devoe’s positionality as one of the few famous directors in porn who is a black woman. This is not to ignore the fact that the porn industry is pushed into catering to the white male gaze, as folks of color working in the industry must understand their viewership in order to create their entry point into the industry. Due to these dynamics and realities, we do see productive examples of challenges to mainstream porn. DeVoe uses perversions such as anal sex, lesbianism, the use of sex objects, and threesome sex, as a means to challenge expectations of a predominantly white and male porn-viewing audience, while also working to pull viewers of color and women into this audience by centering perverse pleasure in ways that are not intended for the white male gaze. At the same time, the influence of the white male gaze is still evident through a few critical analyses. The pleasure of blonde white women in this scene is given more attention than that of the two Asian women in the final scene. Also notable is the way Mr. Marcus is portrayed as little beyond his long black penis, a representation which shows little regard for viewership from individuals who might be more attracted to Mr. Marcus than to the two blonde women.
In our moment in porn, the white male gaze is a reality that dictates what is most profitable, and as a result, what films can achieve screen time and significant platforms of attention. At the same time, Diana DeVoe’s engagement with perversity, and her efforts to portray bodies of color in ways that are oppositional to the norms of sex and of the porn industry, are the basis of her productivity as a black woman director engaging with interracial porn.

Capital Punishment: Two Blondes and a Black Dick

Two blonde women warm up by playing with one another and a glass dildo, then fuck Mr. Marcus and his long black dick. Kayla straps on a black dick as Heather receives DP, and the scene closes with a cumshot on the two blonde’s faces.

from Capital Punishment (2004)
Creator: Diana Devoe
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez