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Commentaries on this Media!

Critical Commentary

by Yessica Garcia Hernandez

The events that lead up to this scene was Simone luring her husband to have sex with her because it was their anniversary. The use of a long shot in this scene shows Simone taking control due to how her body is moving up and down while having her hand on Byron’s shoulder. It shows her role of leading them into sex. At the same time, the body language of Byron gives off the vibe that he’s just going with whatever she’s doing, because his position on the bed of him leaning back using his hands as support and by not really touching her. Usually in sex scenes, the man always has a tendency of putting their hand on the woman’s head, to like thrust her mouth on his penis. The slow music also gives a passionate feel to the scene to show that this is supposed to be viewed as more of an intimate moment between the couple. Viewed more of a love making scene as opposed to a hook-up or no strings attached relationship. This clip challenged the idea that black women were always seen as the inferior being in sex scenes and back to one of the readings we had about the black women always taking the inferior role to the white man, in which this scene challenges these ideas.

Black Jack City 2 - Dominique Simone and Tom Byron

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Passionate love-making

from Black Jack City 2: Black's Revenge (1992)
Creator: Sean Michaels
Distributor: Heatwave Entertainment
Posted by Yessica Garcia Hernandez