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Commentaries on this Media!

For the 99%

by starlady

Audio: "How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?," Bruce Springsteen and the Sessions Band (Live in Dublin)

Contains images of police violence against protesters and of a hanging in effigy.

I was angry when I made this vid, and I'm still angry. I wanted to show what I saw in the OWS protests, why I thought they were (and are) consequential, even revolutionary. As a trained historian, I'm well aware that far more social movements fail than succeed, but I also know that "success" and "failure" can sometimes be relative terms. I especially wanted to push back against the idea that Occupy was "just" white people. If I achieved any of that, or if I made people think, I'm satisfied.

Full notes available at:

Too Big to Fail

Gonna be a judgment, and that's a fact. A vid about Occupy Wall Street.

from Occupy Wall Street (2011)
Creator: starlady
Posted by starlady