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Writing about/with Moonlight
by Sarah O'Brien

This lecture collects moments from Moonlight (Barry Jenkins, 2016) and provides a space to develop critical analyses of the film.

This lecture was created by Sarah O'Brien and students in her course "Writing about and with Film" (ENWR2520) at the University of Virginia in fall 2018.

Moonlight: Chiron fights with his mom by Barry Jenkins (2016) This scene serves as a transition from coming back from a loving household (Teresa's) to his unstable mother's.
Moonlight: Black and Kevin talk (end of film) by Barry Jenkins (2016) Black and Kevin discuss more aspects of their personal lives that they missed from their years apart.
Moonlight: Chiron gets beat up by Barry Jenkins (2016) Chiron is beat up first by his best friend, Kevin, and then by the other bullies who prompted Kevin to start hitting Chiron.
Moonlight: Black and Mom by Barry Jenkins (2016) Black forgives mom
Moonlight: Little runs from kids by Barry Jenkins (2017) In one of the first scenes of Moonlight, Little runs away from three boys who are trying to hurt him, eventually hiding himself in an abandoned second floor apartment in a bad neighborhood.
Moonlight: Little and mom stare by Barry Jenkins (2016) Little and mom stare
Moonlight: Chiron in between by Barry Jenkins (2016) Sometimes the strongest moments are those where the least is said.
Moonlight: Chiron and Juan swim by Barry Jenkins (2016) Juan teaches Chiron how to swim
Moonlight: Little and Juan talk at dining room table by Barry Jenkins (2016) Little and Juan talk at dining room table
Moonlight--Opening Scene by Barry Jenkins (2016) The opening scene of the film with a spinning, long take.
Moonlight: Chiron hits Terrell by Barry Jenkins (2016) Chiron breaks a chair over Terrel’s hea
Moonlight--Car Scene by Barry Jenkins (2016) The car scene between Black and Kevin following being reunited.
Sex scene in Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (2016) two young boys on beach share intimacy
Moonlight: Chiron Completed by Barry Jenkins (2016) Chiron and Kevin exchange looks in a restaurant.