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Writing about Atlanta
by Sarah O'Brien

This lecture collects moments from the television show Atlanta (FX, Donald Glover, season one, 2016).

This lecture provides a space to develop critical analyses of the show Atlanta. It was created by Sarah O'Brien for students in her "Writing about Television" (ENWR1510) course at the University of Virginia.

Atlanta (S1 E1): title sequence by Donald Glover (2016) The series' first title sequence
Atlanta (S1 E3): Migos kill Marcus by Donald Glover (2016) One of the Migos shoots and kills a man named Marcus
Atlanta (S1 E1): Earn and Van in bed by Donald Glover (2016) Earn and Van in bed
Atlanta (S1 E5): Darius at shooting range by Donald Glover (2016) Darius practices shooting
Atlanta (S1 E2): Gender trouble in jail by Donald Glover (2016) Discussion on the "men's side" of the jail holding area
Atlanta (S1 E7): Coconut Crunchos Commercial by Donald Glover (2016) Commercial from B.A.N
Atlanta (S1 E6): Vanessa prepares for drug test by Donald Glover (2016) Vanessa cooks up urine solution
Atlanta (S1 E7): Ahmad White commercial by Donald Glover (2016) The man with Nutella returns
Atlanta (S1 E1): Nutella man by Donald Glover (2016) Earn meets strange man on bus
Atlanta (S1 E1): opening scene by Donald Glover (2016) The opening scene in a parking lot.
Atlanta (S1 E6): Student in white face by Donald Glover (2016) ISS period
Atlanta (S1 E10): End of season one by Donald Glover (2016) Earn goes to his storage unit
Atlanta (S1 E3): Lobster dinner by Donald Glover (2016) Earn takes Van on a date
Atlanta (S1 E4): A Phone for a Phone by Donald Glover (2016) Final scene of Earn and Darius's cross-city trade
Atlanta (S1 E1): Couch scene by Donald Glover (2016) Earn, Al, and Darius hang out on a couch outside
Atlanta (S1 E4): Who's Steve McQueen by Donald Glover (2016) Earn trades in phone
Atlanta (S1 E9): Earn Praises Van by Donald Glover (2016) Juneteenth party