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Collaborating and "Working" on Google

by Shawn M. Higgins

As pocket computers become more powerful and laptops more ultra-thin, students increasingly turn to digital platforms like apps, software, and websites as their sources for educational tools. However, while traditional dictionaries have identifiable editors and collaborators that compile and define the words recorded within, online translation tools like Google Translate rely instead on a community of volunteers to constantly edit the machine’s algorithmic analyses of previously translated digital texts. While these digital tools provide resources that might be impossible to locate otherwise in specific areas (such as an English to Myanmar/Burmese dictionary), they can be error-laden, incorrect, and even misleading in the information which they provide. Furthermore, without a list of collaborators to attribute the work to or a group of editors or publisher to hold accountable, these commonly used tools pose problems for students looking for credible and citable tools in their writing and research.

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Inside Google Translate

Ever wonder how Google Translate works? And are you "working" for Google when you volunteer your own translations as part of the Google Translation Community?

from Inside Google Translate (2010)
Creator: Google Videos
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by Shawn M. Higgins