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Spain's Islamic Heritage

by Steven G Anderson

In 1992 the Smithsonian produced a 5 part series covering the history of Latin America titled, The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World.

Carlos Fuentes narrates the series, and this clip is from Part 1: The Virgin and the Bull.

Even though Spain was victorious in 1492, ejecting the Muslim Moors from its lands in the Reconquista after hundreds of years of warfare, the Islamic heritage of the Moors became rooted in Spanish identity.

Fuentes discusses the history of the Reconquista, as well as the influence of Islamic artists, intellectuals, and architects on both Spain and Western Europe in general.

Although Fuentes remarks that Spain was "lost" to the Moors, the Iberian peninsula at the time of Islamic expansion in the year 711, was not a nation as it might be considered today.

The Buried Mirror - Spain's Islamic Heritage

Carlos Fuentes discusses the Islamic heritage of Spain, a major component of Spanish art, cultural identity, and Western science.

from The Buried Mirror: Reflections on the New World (1992)
Creator: Smithsonian Institution
Posted by Steven G Anderson