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Commentaries on this Media!

It's a Brain, an Artificial Brain

by Steven G Anderson

In this clip from the movie Demon Seed, Dr. Harris describes a new type of computer, one that is organic. When asked if the computer, Proteus IV, is alive however, the question seems ludicrous.

Moving beyond the reliability of the mainframe computer and beyond the speed of the supercomputer, Proteus is an unknown entity, a machine that can learn and become more intelligent than its own creator.

The use of computer terminals to interact with Proteus, and the notion of speech as a desired interface are prevalent in this film clip. Also, the immense size and location of Proteus, ten stories underground, point to the historical location of the mainframe, deep within the institution for which it serves.

It's a Brain, an Artificial Brain

In this clip from Demon Seed, Dr. Harris describes Proteus IV, a new kind of organic computer.

from Demon Seed (1977)
Creator: Donald Cammell
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Posted by Steven G Anderson