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Violence as Exercising Protection in Jessica Jones

by Sarah Feeney

This scene is instrumental to the episode, showing Trish using violence as a way of protecting herself. It shows Trish learning Krav Maga and practicing with her instructor. She is doing so without Jessica knowing, which is interesting because Jessica specifically mentioned that yoga is not real exercise and she didn’t correct her. Yoga is seen as a more feminine form of exercise as opposed to the very harsh, masculine seeming form of Krav Maga. Trish is seen as trying to come out of a more passive role to a more active participant in her own safety, able to have agency over how people touch her, alluding to past trauma she experienced. It shows Trish’s tougher side, which is important and interesting to see come up in the second episode of the series. This scene is integral to establishing the complicated inner-workings of femininity and violence, displayed by even the more stereotypically “feminine” character on the show.

Violence as Exercising Protection in Jessica Jones

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This is a clip from season one episode two of the Netflix Original Series, Jessica Jones. In it we learn that one of the main characters, Trish, is learning Krav Maga in order to protect herself from attack.

from Jessica Jones (2016)
Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos
Posted by Sarah Feeney