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Commentaries on this Media!

Past Trauma as Present Pain

by Sarah Feeney

1. This scene is a flashback moment where we see Jessica using violence against Trish’s mother. This is the beginning of Jessica’s relationship with Trish being one where she protects her. Trish is being forced to make herself vomit by her mother so she will not appear bigger on camera. Jessica overhears and throws her mom out of the room. This sets up not only the narrative that Jessica is a protector, but that Trish needs to be protected. She is weaker in this scene and cannot overcome her mother despite not wanting to stick her finger down her own throat. This is also a powerful example of the trauma Trish went through, shedding more light on her childhood and why she felt the need to protect herself from people and learn Krav Maga. Just preceeding this clip, Trish is pumped and her adrenaline is running until she begins to choke and Jessica is doing compressions on top of her. This notion of choking is reminiscent to this flashback scene in which Trish is also chocking, but at the hands of her mother. This scene is also important because of the way it represents femininity, beauty and societal norms as above a person’s health. Trish being taught this as a child no doubt had an influence over her later actions as an adult.

Past Trauma as Present Pain

This is a scene from season one episode eleven of Jessica Jones. In it is a flashback of Trish's mother forcing her to vomit up her food so she will appear smaller on camera and Jessica putting a stop to it.

from Jessica Jones (2016)
Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos
Posted by Sarah Feeney