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Bending Preconceptions of Femininity in Jessica Jones

by Sarah Feeney

In this clip, Jessica Jones is trying to convince Jeri Hogarth, to represent Hope Shlottman, a woman who killed her parents under Kilgrave’s control and is now facing jail time. The two are interrupted by Hogarth’s secretary and subsequent mistress, Pam, who is holding the phone for Jeri’s wife Wendy. Here we see all three women critiquing and upholding traditional feminine roles. Jessica is the hard-boiled private investigator who openly fights for her position without begging or submission. Jeri, who was originally written as a male character in the comic, is cold, unwavering, and stubborn, characteristic of traditional male characters. She has no sympathy for Hope and only cares about her reputation as a lawyer. Pam is perhaps the only one of the three who plays into the traditional feminine office stereotype. She wears revealing attire and is only visible through the doorway.

Bending Preconceptions of Femininity in Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones attempts to convince Jeri Hogarth to take Hope Shlottman's case and represent her in court.

from Jessica Jones (2016)
Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos
Posted by Sarah Feeney