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Gender-Bending in Jessica Jones

by Sarah Feeney

In this clip, Jeri and Pam are going to a date on the restaurant. Before they enter, they are met face to face with Jeri’s wife Wendy. Jeri and Wendy are in the middle of a divorce and a showdown ensues. While all of the women involved are indeed women, there are still some stereotypical tropes they play into. Jeri’s character in particular was originally written as a male character in the comic series. There is not much difference between the gender dynamics of Jeri the woman and Jeryn the man. Jeri is too consumed with work. She has a beautiful young mistress from her office and is in the middle of a nasty divorce dispute with her wife. Jeri also isn’t too concerned with the sentimentality of things, which is stereotypically feminine. She takes Pam to the same restaurant where she proposed to her wife, but doesn’t see any problem with it. It comes off as the exact opposite of compassionate or romantic, which again is a stereotypical male character trait. It is still under debate whether or not Jeri’s character expands how we come to see feminine characters in modern television or if it only reproduces unhealthy stereotypes about same-sex loving women.

Gender-Bending in Jessica Jones

Jeri Hogarth and Pam run into Wendy, Jeri's Wife while on a date and a dispute ensues.

from Jessica Jones (2016)
Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos
Posted by Sarah Feeney