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Beltz, Mayn Shtetele

by seekingferret

Somewhere a few layers of meaning down, I think there's something interesting in this combination of music and image. When you try to add Erik's Jewishness as a specific, concrete element of his identity, you get a version of Erik that I don't think we see much of in fandom. Sometimes it reveals a method to the madness. Some of his mustache twirling becomes deeper than villainy for the sake of villainy. Sometimes you even understand and sympathize with his goals.

You get a Magneto who has never forgotten his childhood lessons, for whom the act of using his powers is among all the other things it is, an act of memory. I think that's why this song works, because it is a song about memory, performed in a dying language. And because Jewdyssey gives it a couple of extra layers of emotion beyond just mournfulness, it becomes responsive to the memories instead of just being about the memories.

Mayn Kindershe yorn

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Erik Lehnsherr, Survivor, Mutant and Yid

from X-Men Series (2018)
Creator: seekingferret
Posted by seekingferret