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Text Commentary

by Sarah Bazzetta `

This clip is interesting because it shows Lisa acting with a certain amount of agency. Initially the plan was to go digging in the garden for evidence to support Jeffs theory.  While outside Lisa decided on her own to climb into the apartment. While Jeff seems a bit concerned for her, he also seems a bit excited about the whole situation. This excitement is again heard while Jeff is on the phone with the detective.  Jeff also takes ownership of Lisa during the phone call by referring to her as " his Lisa".  The scopophilia  in this scene is clear due to the fact that Jeff is watching Lisa through the window. I would not call this voyeurism because Lisa knows that she is being watched by Jeff.  All throughout this clip men come to the rescue. First it is Jeff, who saves Lisa by calling the police, then it is the very officers themselves who are all men. Fetishism can be seen at 3:15, when Stella is standing next to Jeff, her breasts are arm are the only body parts in the shot.  

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Rear Window gender discussion Clip 3 by Alfred Hitchcock (1954) In this clip, Jeff watches Lisa as she attempts to steal an item from a neighbor's apartment. Questions of agency and spectacle are of particular interest in this scene.