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Animation as the Performance of Labor
30 Rock Christmas Attack Zone
The Labor of Self-Reference
Performing Animation, Performing Race
Performing Animation, Performing Race
The Chinaman: Minstrels and Other Caricatures
Race and Space in Egyptian Melodies
Animation on the Vaudeville Stage: Bug Vaudeville
The Hand of the Animator: Emil Cohl
Vaudeville on and Off the Screen
The Swamp of Racism
The Circulation of Minstrelsy: Moran and Mack
Vaudeville on Film
Vaudeville on Film
Racial Geography in Cartoons
Animation as the Performance of Labor
The Economy of Stereotype
Racial Geography in Cartoons II
Fleischer Chinatown
Performing Animation, Performing Race II
Mean Streets Opening
Where Is the Wolfman
Race In Goofy Goat
Making 'Em Move (1931)
Eddie Cantor Ad
How the Comics Caper
Christy Playbill Detail
Two Black Crows in Hollywood
EP Christy Playbill
Minstrel Guide
Felix the Cat Prologue
A Thousand Hands
Two Live Crows 78rpm
Two Black Crows 78rpm
The Artist's Dream
Pigs is Pigs - Merrie Melogies 1937
Mickey's Mellerdrammer
Fatty Boom Boom
The music video released in 2012 by Die Antwoord in response to Lady Gaga's request for the band to open for her on her next tour.
30 Rock Christmas Attack Zone
30 Rock - Believe in the Stars
Cartoon Factory
Mickey's Mellerdrammar
Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend
The Frozen North
Trip to Mars
The "Teddy" Bears
The Simpsons Banksy Opening
Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing
Mad Men - Roger Sterling sings in blackface
PonPonPon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
The Chinaman's Chance - Flip The Frog
Shirley Q. Liquor
Tropic Thunder - "Full Retard" Scene
"I'm Nobody" - Tropic Thunder
"Jeffersons" - Tropic Thunder
"Kirk Lazarus" - Tropic Thunder
Babes in Arms Still Image
Bamboozled Still Image
Still Image - Billy Crystal impersonating Sammy Davis Jr
Jim Jeffries' Training Camp
S. Mouse - Angry Boys
Putney Swope - Still Image
Little Sammy Sneeze
Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend
Felix In Hollywood
Felix the Cat goes on an adventure to Hollywood.
Swooner Crooner
Swooner Crooner
Boobs in the Woods (1948)
Pink Elephant Sequence in Dumbo (1941)
Policy and Pie
Amos 'n Andy: The Dairy
Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs
A racist version of the Snow White story made by Warner Bros as wartime propaganda.
Steamboat Willie
This 1928 Disney short is often mistakenly described as the first sound cartoon. It is rarely described as what it is, a minstrel show.
Wonder Bar
Al Jolson's minstrel extravaganza imagines a segregated heaven filled with the stereotypical delights that whites imagined African Americans to prefer.
Tin Pan Alley Cats
Clean Pastures
Another example of the color line extending from earth to heaven.
Uncle Tom's Bungalow
Babes In Arms: Minstrel Show
Ko-Ko in 1999
Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
Felix Dopes It Out
Hollywood Goes Krazy
Bosko The Talk-Ink Kid
Jumping Beans
Thugs With Dirty Mugs
Bojangles of Harlem
Bojangles of Harlem II
Swing You Sinnners
Snow White
Bamboozled Indefinite Speech
Bamboozled Blacking Up
Ko-Ko Needles the Boss
Felix Out of Luck
Skeleton Dance
Skeleton Frolics
Hollywood Bowl
The Minstrel Show