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Commentaries on this Media!

White Wilderness (1958) Clip 1

by Nicholas Sammond

A clip from the 1958 nature documentary directed by James Algar and produced by Walt Disney, this introductory clip features an animated paint brush, dabbling over the earth's landscape. As a narrator tells the story of the earth's last ice age, and the changes undergone by the planet, and its inhabitants, the animation transforms into live-action as we witness the arctic of the 50's, inhabited by polar bears.

White Wilderness (1958) Clip 1

This short clip from the 1958 nature documentary "White Wilderness" features an introductory animated sequence, as a floating paint brush dabbles earth's landscape, and the narrator takes us through the changes the planet underwent during the iceage

from White Wilderness (1958)
Creator: James Algar
Distributor: Buena Vista Distribution
Posted by Nicholas Sammond