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Commentaries on this Media!

White Chicks Trailer

by Nicholas Sammond

In this trailer for the 2004 film, White Chicks, the Wayan brothers play FBI agents, doning disguises and prosthetics to transform into two white girls in order to infiltrate the Hamptons to unravel a kidnapping/embezzling scheme. A jarring comment on white culture and the transfiguration of identity through the appropriation of whiteness through makeup and dress, the Wayan brothers' slippages in performance offer comedic commentaries on the contemporary meaning of race and racism.

White Chicks - Trailer

The trailer for White Chicks, an American buddy cop comedy released in 2004, produced and directed by Keenen Wayans, also written and produced by Shawn and Marlon Wayans.

from White Chicks (2004)
Creator: Keenen Wayans
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Posted by Nicholas Sammond