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Commentaries on this Media!

The Chinaman's Chance - Flip The Frog

by Nicholas Sammond

This bizarre cartoon opens up with a Chinese convict, rendered in full stereotype with a queue braid and wearing a changshan, attempting to escape from a prison. Flip the Frog gets subsequently called in, looking for the character ludicrously named "Chow Mein". He follows him all the way to Chinatown with his dog partner, and the dog sniffs out the man with a smell of "cheese" on him. This cartoon is chock-full of racially motivated stereotypes, as Flip falls into a dungeon attached to the convict's house, full of murky water, with an alligator and a snake. The "Chinaman" is depicted as maniacal and heartless, and as Flip escapes, he enters into an opium den. After he ingests the drugs, the animation warps into an aquatic landscape, an astounding technique used to represent his deranged state. Flip hallucinates Chow Mein having turned into a beautiful woman, and in the next scene both end up on a firecracker sending the convict back to jail.

The Chinaman's Chance

Flip the Frog looks for an escaped Chinese criminal

from The Chinaman's Chance (1933 )
Creator: Ub Iwerks
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Posted by Nicholas Sammond