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Mickey's Mellerdrammer

by Nicholas Sammond

An example of the transition from outright blackface minstrelsy to a more vestigial version of minstrelsy, this cartoon features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who are already minstrels, blacking up to perform in Uncle Tom's Cabin. Their version of the abolitionist melodrama includes tap dance and jollity, signalling the deployment of a fantastic stereotype of blackness in which even tragedy is converted to entertainment for a presumably white audience.

Mickey's Mellerdrammer

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In this 1933 Walt Disney Productions short, Mickey, Minnie and friends black up to perform a confused version of Uncle Tom's Cabin that mixes blackface minstrelsy with abolitionist melodrama.

from Mickey in Black and White (1933)
Creator: Walt Disney
Distributor: Walt Disney Productions
Posted by Nicholas Sammond